Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Money for wearing a dress

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.

Every action in this World has started as an idea. Noone could forget beautiful ideas. A few years back, we saw the Million Dollar Home page. A simple idea. But it made the creator a millionare almost overnight. Just divide a webpage into million pixels and sell it each for a dollar.

Today, I saw one more beautiful idea. I wear your Shirt. I think this guy is awesome. The idea is simple. Any advertiser could contact this person and give their shirt which might have their company logos. He is going to wear it one day of the year. On the specified day, he would take photos and videos of himself and post it in his blog, Youtube and Flickr. The advertiser would merely pay him the face value of the day. 1$ for January 1 and 365$ for December 31. Its clean and simple.

Now, a simple math would tell us that the creator would get about 66795$ for a year. This comprises only of the direct money.

1. His blogs and youtube pages could have advertisments. So, he could get the money from Adsense.
2. He gets 365 shirts every year. I do accept they are advertising shirts. Hey, We are on a recession. So, who care?
3. He could still hold on to his regular job, if required. So, its like a double salary.

The investment seems to be very less. A cam corder, Camera, Laptop, Website, Technology setup, etc. I think they all could be covered with about 5000$. But, the break even will happen in less 4 months. Still, this salary seems to be better than an average salary of an average software developer.

For the next year, the creator Jason Sadler has expanded the idea for 2 persons wearing the shirt and raised the cost to 2$ for January 1 and like wise. Wow, that would almost double the profits (less the salary for the new person). This reminds me the idea of Sony to popularize their Walkman. A couple would walk around the city playing their walkman (the head set could be used by 2 in their early model).

A great idea overall.....

A tailpiece news: All 2009 days are sold and 272 days of 2010 are sold.

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