Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fight on, Google! We want MORE.. MORE....MORE....

In these days, Google is becoming a synonym for Search, and much more. With all the buzzing around Chrome OS and stuff, a lot of activity is happening in and around Google. It is a great excitement. But, still..?

I love Google. But, these days I have this strange creepy feeling that Google is becoming like a flea market. See the list of Products from Google:

3. Google Talk
5. Google Earth
29. Google Universal Gadget
30. Document to PDF Gadget
31. Google Social Search
32. Google Calculator
33. Google Flight Tracker
34. Google Package Tracker
35. Google Fill in the Blank
36. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

And now, the famous Chrome OS.... The list goes on and on and on....

There are no doubts that many of the products listed are popular. But, I wonder if people would have even heard about some of the other products. Its great to be provided with so many options. But, I feel that they should all be integrated into one single product.

Seeing these all small products scattered around.. Am I in a 'Flea Market'.. Why couldn't you just integrate everything and provide us with one great product? Also, Sometimes I feel they are not providing any compelling reason for use of their products.

For example, let us take Chrome OS. I saw this presentation. Boot time is 7 seconds and in a total of 10 seconds, you could be connected to Internet....

So, what? Give me one reason to switch from my Windows XP/7 or a Mac machine to Chrome OS? Probably, It saves 2 minutes. It is a great OS. Come on, Does it look like a compelling reason? I shut down my machine only once in 2 or 3 days. 2 minutes wait is nothing....

Ok. Let me try one more. Chrome OS uses the latest Cloud computing technology. So, If you save your documents once, you could retrieve it from any place. It is a great OS.... You must be really kidding me. a Dropbox will do this job for me and I do not care about the technology involved. I do not want a 'Google' to do this.....

It is free. It is a great OS. But, I already own a Laptop. I have already made the investment. Now, If I switch to Chrome OS, which almost give the same functionality or even less, because it is free, I would appear stupid (even to myself). Now, If I keep Chrome OS as an additional OS, I would still appear stupid because I have to login to my main OS for all my regular stuff (for which I need to spend 2 extra minutes and already has a 'fast' (Thanks to chrome browser) internet capability) and I will never know when I should use Chrome OS.

I am still wondering 'What is the selling point (or buying point) for Chrome OS???'... Before the final release, I believe Google will make a great OS and give everyone a good deal to move from other OS to Chrome OS.

Fight on, Google! We want MORE.. MORE....MORE....

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