Friday, October 16, 2009

YouTube Real Time Discussion Search

Everyone knows that Internet is a great repository of knowledge. But, it delights me when I get new information from places I least expect. For example, today I read the news that "Youtube has launced a real time discussion search and tracking".

The news is that the Youtube has launched a new search option in its site. Through this option, now it is possible to search through all the comments of the videos. I should accept that this idea did not fascinate me at the beginning. There are 2 reasons:
1. Google searches almost the entire web and provides the result. Searching a database of comments..?Guys... Come On. Its like Olympic Champion competes in a school match. I think it is a very simple feature. There is nothing 'coooool' in the idea.
2. As far as I have seen, the comments are almost (always) not useful. I do not think they are moderated strictly. You can find all kinds of irrelevant information there.

But, I was just curious to try it. So, I tried a few words. Then, just out of curiosity, I tried my name in the search. Actually, I was expecting 0 results.

Wonder, there was one result. It seems my name 'Sarangan' means love/beloved in Korean. Thatz a new info... Until now, if people would ask the meaning of my name, the only answer that I had is that it is the name of a Hindu God. Well, People will still not get the actual meaning. Now, I can say that my name means 'love' in Korean.

Now, this comment search does seem to be 'cooool'..... :-)

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