Monday, April 20, 2009

A Streetcar Named Desire

There are only a few movies which would be interesting to watch even generations after its release. I watched one such movie recently. It is "A Streetcar named Desire". It is a movie which was released more than 30 years before my birth. But, still the movie was interesting to watch.

Once I read (in an Old Tamil Magazine) that Sivaji Ganesan is the 'Marlon Brando of Indian Cinema'. I was angry by this comparison. To me, Sivaji is incomparable. But, after seeing Brando's acting in this movie, I would say I accept that he was Sivaji's equivalent. (just equivalent..not more not less) Especially when he tries to get the details of his wife's share on her ancestral property and arguing with vivian Leigh about her past, I could clearly realize why Marlon Brando is considered one of the best.

If there would be a contest for the cutest actress, I would undoubtedly vote for Vivian Leigh. I enjoyed her acting already in Gone with the Wind. I got a chance to enjoy it again in this movie. Though her acting is a bit artificial, I was still enjoy it. But, the last scene... Though she had acted well, I preferred the (last scene) acting of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Gloria Swanson was able to get more pity than Leigh in this movie.

The story was good. Though, it was not the exact replica of its drame version, I was able to understand the theme. As usual, the censorship had played its role "well" to confuse the audience. (Atleast, it is good that the dialogues about homesexuals are permitted in these days.) But, still the screenplay and direction had presented the story in a lucid fashion.

If I would list a set of must-see-movies, then this movie will certainly be on the list.

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anand said...

i am sorry to say that you do not know how to translate in tamil, and we missed most of the words thank u