Monday, April 13, 2009

Smoking bans

I read an article on Smoking bans in the website of Ayn Rand Institute. The article is the result of the fact that Newport Beach is considering banning smoking in a variety of new places, potentially including parks and outdoor dining areas.

According to me, Smoking is an independence of the individual. Government should not play a parental role. There is no doubt that Smoking is injurious to health. But that does not mean Government could stop it. I remember a dialogue from the movie 'Demolition Man': "You can not deny the rights of the people to be assholes".

But, I would still agree with one consideration of the Newport beach. They could ban smoking in parks (if they are maintained by the Government) After all, it is a goverment property. The same rule holds good for any public place. Government could ban the smoking in any public areas maintained by the goverment. So, if the outdoor dining areas imply the areas maintained by the Government, then I would agree perfectly that Government could ban smoking. But, if the goverment would prohibit smoking in Malls, Cinema theaters or restuarants then it would be interference with the individual rights. It has to be decided only by the respective owners.

I think the politicians are reading a lot of Indian news. Thatz the only way in which these kind of silly laws could be considered. What would be the next law? In movies, the filmmakers should display the statement "Smoking is Injurious to health" in the scenes of smoking... Or, the names of the movies should adhere to Biblical standards... :-)

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Anonymous said...

america is getting Indianized..... Hip Hip Hurrah... thanks to Obama and Manmohans meeting.