Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Point of No Return

It was a pleasant morning today. I was just enjoying my breakfast when I got the call from my offshore team. They have called me to inform about the strike announced by state government on 04/23/2009. So, they will not be working tomorrow. Instead they will be working on the weekend. Thanks to the Strike.... Everyone would know that this is an election stunt. A few could argue that this is to save Srilankan Tamils. I will not agree or disagree with both arguments. But, one thing is disturbing me.

It is the Government who is calling for a strike. So, that means everyone in the state should not and can not work on that day. And this is happening in a state in which the State controls the majority of the transport system. How could a Government do that? Government is a representaion of all the people. There could be several people with different opinions on the Srilankan issue. So, this strike would be a total insult to the opinions of those people.

It is the individual freedom of every person to determine whether he should raise his concern for Srilankan tamils. If he feels that he should raise his concern and If he could find like-minded people, then he could combine with them and organize a strike or any other ways, along with his group. If his group is big enough, then his request might get attention. Else, the individual could better shut up or try other possibilities.

But, with this Strike the Government is forcing everyone to raise a concern for Srilankan tamils even if they do not want to. The personal freedom of individuals is at stake. The worst thing is that the media did not comment on this aspect. My brother had once commented "India has gone to a Point of No Return"... True....

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