Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandma in Moon - Knowing

There is a Old bedtime story in India:

Once upon a time, there was a old lady who likes to cook 'Vadai'. She went to the moon and started cooking. She is still cooking and you can see that as the black spots on the surface of moon.

Would anyone believe this story? If you can believe this story, then you can pay a visit to the latest movie 'Knowing'. The entire story revolves around the concept that God creates and destroys the earth. When he destroys the earth, he would take a few children from one earth and place them on another earth. (Adam and Eve of that earth).

Atleast I was happy at the last scene as they have shown that the messengers of God take the children from one earth to another. It would be much worse if they would have said: "Let there be Children" and bang.... there are children.

It is totally different to support Creationism. But, with the way they have presented, I dont think the story stands a chance. It is not a movie for adults and certainly not a movie for kids. I really do not understand who the target audience would be? According to wikipedia, the film was ranked top in the International box office. I think this might be due to the hype of Nicolas Cage's earlier movies.

Any decoration to a house with weak basement would be futile. The same goes with this movie. The time capsule, mystery numbers are good and interesting. But, with such a story and presentation, they have been wasted. If anyone has so much free time and no useful way to spend 6 dollars, you can go to this movie.