Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Choice - Eliyahu Goldratt

It has been after quiet some time that I have visited the local bookstore today. I started browsing through two books. One of them is 'Revolutionary Wealth' by Alvin Toffler and Heidi Toffler and the other is 'The Choice' by Eliyahu Goldratt.

The first one had too many details in it and I was in no mood today to think about them. So, after a few chapters, I placed it back in the shelf. This might be a book for another day. Today, I am bored and not ready to think about the World trends or Knowledge Economy or K-tools. So, I moved to 'The Choice'. Eliyahu Goldratt is one of my favorite writers and there is no wonder this book fascinated me.

But, unlike his other books Theory of Constraints (which is a pure theory) or The Goal (which is more a novel in which you need to spend more time to get the crux without losing the track), this book seems to be a perfect blend of the theory and the application (not to mention the entertaining conversation between Goldratt and his daughter). I have completed the first 5 chapters and I was awestruck the way in which Goldratt provided solutions for an apparel company.

When Goldratt, on Inherent Simplicity, quotes Newton: "Natura valde simplex est et sibi consona" (nature is exceedingly simple and conformable to herself) - It seems that I was just nodding my head in agreement. There are several methods which might be good in paper but we could never apply them in reality. But, Goldratt's methods are more practical. After reading the first 2 chapters, I just tried apply the same line of thought to my project - and believe me in just 15 minutes I was able to identify the major issue in our process which if eliminated could provide a good amount of savings. With a satisfaction, I placed the book in the shelf to continue the rest of the book tomorrow...

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Hope your ideas get implemented in the project for the good. all the best.