Monday, April 07, 2008

One Short Story and few Questions....

One short story...

In a city, there are 3 persons A, B & C. Person 'A' is very powerful. Person 'C' is upcoming. Person 'B' is very weak. Unfortunately 'B' lives between 'A' & 'C'. Now, 'A', due to his excessive power, is really aggressive in nature. Also, he fears that 'C' might grow more powerful. If 'B' & 'C' would join, then there might be a threat to his power. So, he occupies 'B''s home and make 'B' as his slave. Poor 'B'... Now he tries to protest against 'A'.

Now, what is 'C' supposed to do?

1) Everyone acts on their own interest. So, 'A' occupying 'B' is quite natural. So, should 'C' interfere and help 'B'?
2) Or atleast could 'C' raise concerns (may be in the City court) that 'A' should be moved out of 'B''s place?
3) Or, the last option.. 'B' is really weak and joining with him might not actually be helpful. So, if 'C' interferes in 'A''s affairs, it might be a problem to 'C'. So, would it be better to ignore the 'A''s aggressive act? Will it be a problem to the ethical/humanitarian aspect of 'C'?(especially when 'B' is asking for help)

Now, one more incident...

'A' is hosting a party and invites all the members of the city. (but not 'B', because 'B' is his slave and already would be present in the party as 'A''s slave). Now, the question is:

1) Should 'C' attend the party?
2) Though, 'C' would not be a much important/respected member in the party, would it be better to ignore the party and show the protest for the aggressive nature of 'A'?


A - China
B - Tibet
C - India
City Court - International Arena
Party - Olympics

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Badri said...

read this article about the background of this topic. you will not know whether to cry or to bang your head somewhere in desperation