Sunday, March 02, 2008

History - A few questions.......

Even from school days and still to these days History was and is my favorite subject. A few questions are puzzling me:

1) In all our history books, the history has stopped with August 15, 1947. Maybe, a few pages to point the death of Mahatma Gandhi, green revolution and industrial revolution. There are no mention of the history after them. Is that all the history we have?

2) When a very few pages boasts the ideas of green revolution, now everyone is accepting the fact that Green revolution was a failure idea. It has resulted in much worse impact on the agriculture. No student is studying the adverse impacts of green and white revolution.

3) If my memory is correct, I remember a few pages on extremists. Tilak was one of the most important extremist. Bhagat Singh was another. But, there was no mention that Bhagat Singh was a communist. There was no mention of the word communism in the whole history syllabus. Why?

4) I have read the life (a very short description actually) of V.O.C, Bharathi, Subramaniam Shiva, Thirupur Kumaran, V.O.C Iyer, in the Tamil subject books. There is no mention of these leaders in the History books. Why?

5) I have studied that First War of Independence happened in 1857. It was written such that it started somewhere in North India. (Merut, if I remeber correctly) Whereas, it bursted out as a big mutiny at Vellore, Tamilnadu. Why is this never mentioned in our books?

6) The Partition of Madras Province "is" one of the most important historical event of South India. I have never met a single Indian (at Onsite) who knows the details of the partition. Why?

7) When our history books mention (for the sake of 1 mark questions) that there are 3 wars with Pakistan (Kargil has not been included yet) and China over the border issue, there was no mention about the ways that India had acquired Kashmir. Why?

8) Our civics books mention the Panchsheel. But there was no mention that we have broken that by sending peace force to Srilanka. Why?

9) Our history books are more or less like a censored 'minutes' book of the Indian National Congress. Weren't there any other parties fighting for freedom? What was their influence on freedom?

10) Even when the books depict the imperial rule, the focus is only on the Mughal rule. Starting from Babar, Humayun, (Sher Khan) Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangazeb, etc. the history books describe the life of the whole family. But, why the blood line of Raja Raja who had conquered the whole of South India and defeated the kings of the Gangetic plains was not described in the history books? When the pictures of Ajanta and Ellora have been mentioned in the history books, the mammallapuram sculptures have been ignored. Why?

A lot of Whys?.............


Prasanna.S said...

In our country history changes when there is a change of govt.

But seriously speaking thats the speciality of the subject.About how many kings do we know?

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Welcome Prasanna.....
Yes...The History changes with the givernment and so the problem is we are losing the history..
"About how many kings do we know?"
I think already our archeological is having a lot of that info...