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IT Companies and the Country

Pandi is one of my friends. Recently, he has wriiten a post. I provided a comment for that. I felt that the comment could be posted here so that others could provide more ideas or correct me if my ideas are wrong. The original post is here . The statements from the post are marked in bold.


It is really nice to see such posts from you. You have tried to consolidate a lot of issues that could be observed in the society. Also, you have linked almost all of the issues. But,I feel it would be better if you approach each of them seperately.

Let me start with your first point.

//Atleast it makes easy for our government to run their business without a much unemployment issues. They managed to create an illusion that the unemployment becomes reduced.//
The IT sector has alone create a wealth of employment opportunities. On an average, there are about 3,00,000 employees working in just the top 5 IT services organization. At the same time,you should also consider the other business that are depending at these employees(directly/ indirectly). For example,
a) The bus owners/drivers (Cognizant alone runs about 150 buses in Chennai)
b) The petrol bunk owners who supply petrol for these buses
c) Canteen owners who supply food to these companies
d) Canteen workers
e) Workers (like securities, Cleaners, Helpers,etc) in these organization
f) Taxi Owners and Drivers (There are more than 100 taxis that service cognizant on a daily basis)
g) Rental Home owners/PG Home Owners/Hostel & Mansion Owners
h) Hotel Owners & Wokers (You could find atleast 5 hotels in every area in which the Software guys stay)
i) Every professional needs a vehicle to travel. So, the sales of the car/bikes have increased tremendously these days. So, shops that sell them & service them.and a small extent the workers in the manufactuing company)
g) Credit card/Debit card/ Loans/ Demat Accounts/Insurance Salesmen.

The list could say a few more sectors which get benefited by the IT Sector & its development. So, actually it solves the unemployment to a certain extent.

//Most of the people are like Mr.Intelligent and the remaining Mr.Fools try to become Intelligent. But whatever they try, they will end up in Fools only. isn't it!!. This is how we learn to mask our real face and entered into this IT world.//
Before making any comments, Let me assure you that I love tamil. Though, Telugu is my mother tongue through ancestral background) I could not speak/read one single sentence in Telugu. I love Tamil more than anything and I certainly believe a lot more ideas could easily be created, presented and developed in one's own mother tongue.

But, in today's IT services organizations, we service bigger foreign companies. The majority of the clients are based on US, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. The Chinese and Japanese companies require that employees should learn their language. But all the other companies require english only.(Even in the Japanese/Chinese companies, they interact with Indians only in English. Because Indians could not speak their anguage clearly). So, Let us accept the fact that English has become a common communication language and start living with it. At the same time, it is our responsibility to enhance our own language. But,with that point, we should not stop adapting to the global environment.

Also, Learning a language is really easy. Especially, English. Because, personally I have felt that this language (as it is spoken by people of different countries) has already lost its original grammar and could accept any errors in it. It is actually enough to convey your idea. The actual grammar does not play a part in it. But the way you present it is important. Learning this is easy and this does not brand you as Intelligent/Fool. Please avoid that thought. Even the software professionals think and create the ideas only in their mother tongue and translate it to english. 'Creation of ideas' determines the intelligence."Translation' part could be learnt easily.

// Thats the reason all companies recruit the B.A, M.A,B.Sc. They don't need any technical skills only the communication is required They are just trained to seduce your customer. The more you have the seducing skills, the more your pay.//
What do you categorize as technical skills? I assume that if you are a computer science graduate, then you say that developing an operating system is a technical skill. And you might argue that Service organizations do no provide such opportunities to you. Please understand that those organizations do not want such skills.

A bus manufacturer wants a person who can create buses. If you can create cars, then you have to go to car manufacturer. Similarly, the service organizations want a particular skill set. If you satisfy that, you are employed. There is nothing wrong in that.

//More than 2/3 rd of our people depends on the agriculture. Every country has a unique natural resource and one can live happily if they utilize it properly. I personally feel any country which fails to improve its natural resource is going to be a mess in sooner or later. //
I completely agree with your point. Agriculture is the backbone of our country and it is really sad that we are losing it.
Government is not encouraging the agricultural sector. The sad thing is the government policies are against the farmers and the traditional agricultural activities. By encoraging the use of artificial fertilizers, accepting World Bank Rules, etc Government is betraying the poor farmers. But this is all expected from the corrupt politicians. This has to be changed. (Let us discuss the possible methods of changes in a seperate post). Also, Government is betraying the farmers by encouraging real estate development and the special economic zones in the agricultural land (Please note that I would say both of them have to be encouraged but not at the cost of agricultural lands). This has to be condemned and stopped. But Please do not relate this with the growth of the IT sector.

Agricultural Development and Business Development are like two eyes for the development of any country. If one of the eye is affected, then that has to be corrected. But, if you are blaming the other eye and spoiling its clarity, then the loss is for the whole nation. Both has to be encouraged. And the natural resources also should be preserved.

//They almost sell every govt jobs to private ones in the name of outsourcing//
Why shouldn't the government sell the jobs to private owners? Please understand that the end users need a quick and best service. It is irrespective that who is providing them. A simple example would be the mini-buses in Madurai. Please think about their service. The mini buses visit your village more than 6 times a day. Whereas,the government bus visits only 2 - 3times a day. The mini bus will wait for 5 minutes if they see a person coming at a distance. Even, the mini buses are privatisation. But, you accepted it. The same goes with the banks. Please think about the service you got from the Madura Bank (in our college) and the ICICI bank in the last 2 years. This is the service in the private sector. But, at the same time, government has to control the private sector so it does not affect the consumers. (negative effect) For example, the maximum charge for a KM for buses), minimum restriction for providing the loans(for banks), etc. Please understand that if the jobs would move to the private sector it is really useful for all of us. As consumers, we would get a better service.As workers, we will get good jobs and wages. But, the only rule is that you have to work. It might be impossible to fool the private management as we do in the government jobs.

//Worst affected people are the lower class. Middle class became more aware of these advancements and they have just started to act accordingly. Lower class people don't know the cause because of the lack of education and or politicians didn't care, they are too busy to count the US IT dollars. The wealth created by our servicing sector is not at all distributed equally.//
Again, I completely agree with your point. People from the lower class are affected by the price hikes. This has to be changed by improving the quality of their life. i.e to bring them to the speed of the growth. (Not by stopping the growth). This could be done only by the government.

But, Do you think that our government will do this? Our people still vote to ADMK because the party was started by MGR. None really know why they vote to DMK. It is useless to talk about Congress. BJP,Dalit Panthers,PMK, DMDK,etc......nothing much to discuss. Our people and media are still not evaluating the quality of the politicians. They evaluate the fame of the politicians. It is a well known fact that a lot of politicians are involved in several anti social activities. Our media also knows it. But they will not report it. A election contestant will be a criminal or a local rowdy. The media knows it. But, it will not project it. The parties will not worry. The people will not worry. So, the problem is that the basic mentality of the people has to change.

It is useless to argue that the 'corrupt' politicians should change their behaviour. It is the people(who elect the corrupt politicians) should change. This is the only possible solution that I could think of.

//We are just like servants to the us citizens. Once the those U.S people finds a better coolies with some cheaper price they will just move on next country.//
Your statement is more or less true. If US companies could get a better service from China, Singapore they would probably move their contracts to those countries. But, I do not think this would happen drastically. Indian services companies have already dominated the majority of the US clients. Even, if the US contracts are about to move the Indian companies would do all possible things to stop it and keep the contracts. Also, remember Indian companies are having clients is several european, chinese, japanese, singapore and australian companies. So, we do develop our expertise in several areas and the managements would be ready with their strategies to tackle such situations. But this kind of unstability exists everywhere.

For example, what will the bus drivers do if there is a severe lack in petrol and diesel.It is the course of nature. It is like arguing what will you do of we get a earthquake. Nothing could be done. We would find some way to survive......

//This time they find IT as an entry to make us to forget our own culture,business in the name of outsourcing.//
I am not sure what you call as culture. Culture is not a static thing to be preserved. It is dynamic and will always find its own course. But, I do accept that there are some of our ancient traditions that should be preserved. But this depends on the people. MetLife, Aetna, IBM and Microsoft do not tell you to forget your traditional values. If you forget the traditional values (due to the money, luxury and status) then you are the person to be blamed.How could you blame the alien companies.....

//Eventually they are going to occupy us.//
None can do that in today's World. We are dependent on the alien money. Aliens are dependent on Indian Brains.As a matter of fact, alien goverment and citizens are fearing about the dominance of us in their countries. Almost everyone in the Indian services company have access to a lot of details about alien citizens.(Name, Address, Birth date,Account Number, Employee ID, Date of joining, SSN, Food Habits,personal preferences, health info etc - In several countries these details are enough to bankrupt a person). Now the alien goverments have placed several restrictions on the usage of these data. So, occupying/dominating are not possible in today's world. Also, Please remember that US companies are not the US Government.(Even I had this idea earlier)US Government does not control US companies. They are independent and their presence in a country will not mean anything to US Government. Our people think US companies and US Government are the same and blame US Government and George Bush, if Coca Cola take more water from Indian rivers. I can tell you they are different and even George Bush does not have any control on Coca Cola. Our people blame US Government for the operations of Coke. This is because our media projects it like that to have more sales. This is purely a communist thought. Please do not develop such thoughts.

But it is really nice to see you have started thinking these issues. Keep posting continusously.

- Sarangan.R

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