Friday, November 16, 2007


I remember the movie 'Veedu'. The whole movie picturizes the pain of a woman who tries to build her home. (Finally, the house will be demolished. Thats a different story....) A lot of movies have been released in Tamil, if not Indian, Cinema based on building a house. If my memory is right I can remember a moview of Visu, a movie of Devayani, etc. Even for the well earning software professionals, having their own home would certainly be one of the goals.

But, there are still thousands who are in every country without homes. One simple example would be to refer "Platform" section in Ananda Vikatan. People live in the platform for generations with their only life time goal as to stay in a home. But there are several families who could not acheive this goal even after 3 generations. Would there be a easy, quick and inexpensive way for these people to get the houses?

In the family, we were discussing and estimated about 1 lakh to build a standard house. But, the 1 lakh is still unaffordable to most of the people at the bottom of the Pyramid. Recently. I came across the site This company is providing a low cost and quick way to build the houses. The most attractive thing is that you can construct more than 1 house on a single day. One disadvatage is that this is not cost effective if used for a single unit alone.

But, still I feel that in the Indian market where the housing requirements are not met for lakhs of people, this technique, if adapted, would be useful and the business would also be profitable.


Siva said...

Looks like is it is their patented technology.

Concrete Forms said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning moladi on your blog. We have been invited to visit India and launch moladiINDIA shortly. The technology will allow for more houses to be built faster better for less.