Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where is Team Work?

I am a contractor working in a Software services industry. My organization has about 30000 employees. There are about 48 members in my projects and 8 in my team. I believed that Software Industry is a place where team work is an important factor. That is the idea given by several of my tutors at college. Several managers say that in the organization. Several members from the higher management say that in the corporate functions. Atleast, I believed that ‘Teamwork’ is important in any industry. I strongly believe that any activity can be done in a better and efficient manner, if it is performed as a team. (I do not have any proof for this. This is just my gut feeling).But, when I think about the Software services Industry(I am not mentioning the development projects. I focus on Maintanence projects which play a major share in the services industry), I see the following model in almost all the companies:

The tasks are given to individual team members. The team members perform the tasks and deliver. Where is the team work? Where is the Team here? They are named as a team because they perform similar activities. They do not perform the same activity. They perform similar activity.

For example, Let us assume that 10 members go to the forest to cut trees. If all join together and cut a big tree from all the directions, then it is team work. They work as a team. But, if they cut the trees individually and sell them individually then they are not team. They just work in the same place and perform similar activity. There is no concept of team work.

I believe if this model can be rearranged somehow, that the members work really as a team, the performance of the tasks could be enhanced.

What do you say?


Sriram said...

team work does not mean that the 10 fellows hold the same axe and cut the same tree.. it means they all work together and cut a few trees and sell them together..

Siva said...

don't all of them work on one product, sometimes even modify the same files ?

Baranidharan said...

There are lot of benefits in teamwork.

1. Schedule - If you need to deliver 10 trees in 30 minutes and one person takes 30 minutes to cut one tree, then a team of 10 take the job

2. Expertise - If you want to make a boat - you need a person to find where fine wood is available, you need someone to bring it, some one to shape it and someone to build it and someone will check the quality

Goal is at the team level, activities will be always at individual level. This is how team works (team work).