Saturday, July 21, 2007

My First Outing in US

Today, I went to Outing with my friends. We went to Anna Ruby Falls in Georgia. It was very much like Tirumurthy hills and Alagarkoil hills. It was a beautiful, silent and a small water fall. The silence and solitude of the place is good and enjoyable. Standing near the falls, I wrote these lines......
After Ruby falls, We visited the beach of the Unicoi lake. It was a very nice place. The US families were enjoying the swimming along with their kids. The entire family is playing like kids and it was really enjoyable. Some children were playing with the sand. When I was gazing at them, I wrote the following lines....
Overall, the trip was enjoyable....


Anonymous said...

Hey da.. it seems u r safe and happy there.. but wats that second poem? i din get much...
ok anyways.. take acre da... Vazhga Valamudan....

Anonymous said...

sorry it was me.. Parvathi Devi... Take care...

Baranidharan said...

Sai, Kavithai is good.

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Thanks anna

Anonymous said...


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