Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Road Home

Every movie is a different experience. Every experience has a different flavor. Some experiences make provide you with a non-stop laughter. Some experiences may make you cry aloud. But both these genres will not record in the memory. Whereas, there is a middle path. Here, the movies will make you smile or leave you with drops of tears. Those movies will stay forever at some storage room of the brain.

One such movie is 'The Road Home'. The basic story is simple.

One boy.
One Girl.
They loved.
They married.
They lived happily.

But it was presented in a beautiful fashion. The number of dialogues is very less in this Chinese movie. The scenes and the music would convey the entire message.

The Hero is a teacher. When he enters the village, the young heroine falls in Love with him. After seeing him she goes into the room and changes her clothes to her best dress. Her mother would see this and pass a comment 'The mere sight of him had made you change the dress....' The film portrays different seasons. Music is so effective that it makes the viewers to feel the change in seasons.

The most beautiful aspect of this film is that the entire love story is depicted by their own son. The son depicts the entire story with a pride, love and respect. The romantic scenes would give us a gentle smile. When the love succeeds it would create a real happiness in us. When the hero dies after 40 years, even the viewers would think of paying their condolence.

Altogether, 'The Road Home' is a worthy road to travel.......


Baranidharan said...

I read the review in Vikatan waiting to watch it

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Hi Anna,
Thats the place I got the review for this movie and selected this. I am planning to see the other movies also in the reviewed list....