Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good Bye, Lenin!

Have you ever tried hiding something?... We all might have tried hiding something from someone at sometime. But, have you tried to hide the whole country from someone...That is the story of 'Good Bye! Lenin....'When the mother, a strong believer of Socialism, falls in coma, the berlin wall falls down and the entire country changes. She sleeps through all the changes. Now, when she wakes up, her son tries to hide all the changes.

The film is slow. The film is slower. The film is slowest. But, it is good. Leave aside the love of the son for a mother. That would be the usual sentiment in all the films and all the languages. But, the film expresses the sincerity, dedication and devotion of a old woman over the principle which she has followed for the entire life. The film also portrays the cultural differences between 2 societies and the feelings/actions of people when the culture changes.

When the son says that the foreigners are seeking refuge in East Berlin, the Mother is ready to share the house with some of the refugees. When the son says that there is no space, she is ready to give the guest house to the refugees. When the mother cannot move from the bed, she suggests that she might be helpful to people by writing some petitions to them. In these scenes, the audience would not see Socialism, they would not see communism, they would not see capitalism. There would be no meaning to all the 'ism's. It is the Kind hearted sincerity of a Old lady that everyone would see on the screen.

When the mother comes out of the house, she sees all the changes. She sees the new things everywhere. She sees the billboards which are almost banned earlier. She sees a totally different place. It becomes tough for her to assimilate. She feels like a 'new Onsite coordinator entered foreign'....:-) The picturization of these scenes are really appreciable. Finally, at her death, when her ashes are thrown in the sky of her fatherland, the audience would feel that they have seen a smooth, silent life of a idealistic old lady and her loving son. A worthy movie to be seen.....

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