Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Subramanya Bharathi

Bharathi has always fascinated me. When you read his 'Kaani Nilam', our approach towards life would change. When you read his 'Tamil Nadu', every person of Tamilnadu would be proud about his motherland.


Siva said...

Why the girl has to be a pathini ?

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

This could be interpreted in 2 ways.

Way 1:
This is the male pshycology.....

Recently I have seen a Kannada movie.... In the movie the hero will go to a brothal house... In the bedroom the hero will ask the girl, "Do you like me?"

That is the male character...

Way 2:
He asks for a 'Pathini'. The environment is romantic. He wants to write new poems. Girls are inspiration for the poems. This has been proved in many cases like Kannadasan, Vaali, etc. Bharathi is no exception. He also need a girl. But that girl should be 'Pathini'.


Because, he will get inspiration only from Pathini.


Because, he loves only (his) pathini. i.e. he cannot and will not see other girls. So, he wants to be a good man to enjoy the environment and write new poems.

So, the reasoning goes like this:

Good Ambience -> Good Poem -> Good Girl -> Good Boy. So, this will happen only if he is good. So, he requests 'Parasakthi' to keep him Good.

How is this reasoning????

Siva said...

Note : It is oru pathini and not enn pathini :-)

So, my guess, it is just the male in Bharathi.

Thankfully he didn't ask for kanni ponnu.

sirpy said...

Lol.. The reasoning all ok, but still as siva said its oru pathini. But oru pathini can be anybody. What he means is a model wife, a beacon, the perfect consort. It was not for him. It is just an object from where he, as you say, derives inspiration.

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

But that oru pathini itself explains everything right. If Some 'Oru Pathini' is with him, then She would not bear that title...