Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fusion Music


Each of these items will be tasty, even if taken seperately. But, when all the above items are mixed and form as 'Payasam', the taste would be better than each of the individual item.
This is a dialogue from some Old Bhagyaraj film.

These are the lines which flashed in my mind today. I was listening to 'Freak' - a Vocal fusion by Rajesh Vaidya, O.S.S Arun, Gurucharan and co. All the songs are traditional songs of Hindu Literature. They are all divine when heard. The western music is also good. But, when the songs of India mix with western music, the resulting fusion series is extremly relaxing and enjoyable.

The purity of both the songs and the music are maintained. There are several other fusions like Explosions, Explosions 2, Holy Chants series which are just like Bestsellers (To put in the words of Shopkeepers) One another thing in these works, they are cheap and affordable. The maximum price label would around Rs. 250.

Whereas, If I prefer 'Yaani', the minimum price is Rs. 350. The one I have selected today was Rs. 550. I would better wait for some more years to get them. Until then, I have my fusions to enjoy.....


Siva said...

250 rs for a cd ?? Don't you use bit torrent or something like that ?

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

I have not used it until now. Let me try them.

BTW, 150 - 250 Rs per CD per month... Siva.. Is that too costly... (Considering that is the only expensive item in my shopping list :-))

Siva said...

Not if you like them a lot and that music is great ..

personally I won't pay 250 rs for av ramanan, Rajesh vaidya, sivamani, may be for some great musicians ..

If you get it in bittorrent it is usually free (but pirated) ..