Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ahimsa Silk

Man seems to be the most cruel animal in this Universe. No animal kills other oraganisms without necessity. Animals kill other animals for food alone. When the necessity has been resolved, they do not involve in further killings. We have got so many evidences that even a lion is harmless if it is not hungry.

But man is cruel. He kills animals for food. He kills animals for skin. He kills animals for decorations. He kills animals for fun. The killing has extended from bigger to tiny organisms.
Man has extended his evil killing even to the Silk Worms. Tonnes of Silk worms are boiled before they come out of the cocoons to get GOOD quality of Silk. Man has curtailed the right to live from millions of Silk worms, even before they breath the fresh air. The Silk dress we wear and Silk materials we use are all the result of death of millions of Silk worms.

Even Kanchi Maha Periyaval had instructed not to use Silk items by any means and advised to avoid Silk items esp. in marriage.

The only consoling news is that, Industries have started manufacturing "Ahimsa Silk". In this type, the Worms are not killed. The remains, after the worms have left the Cocoons, are used as raw material for dresses. In this way, Silk could be obtained without killings. But the problem with this type of Silk is that the Quality is not good when compared to the usual Silk.

So, it might take some more time for these kind of Ahimsa Silk to be popular. Let the Ahimsa Silk save the life of Silk Worms...


Anonymous said...


Pavam animals,plants ellam better sapidathinga ..... water s best for u

work illaya?
athan ipadi ellam yosika thonuthu

Seenivasan said...

Ahimsa Peace Silk. Whoever established this, I think this is a good marketing strategy.

It is easy to get buy in from many people when you use the heavy words like 'killing'. So people would be inclined to purchase such materials. Especially ladies.

Saravana Pandi said...

It s true..In this time I remember one movie Matrix. In the climax, the villain said..

" I hate humans. You just like virus." Any living instinct has to maintain an equilibirum with the nature. But you humans are always consume all natural resources. Once it is empty you start to move on. The only way you survive is through reproduction. LIKE VIRUS

Sounds good ! .

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Human is also like virus. It seems We still have the remains of our great - great - ancestors......

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Please mention Which 'WATER' :-)

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Seeni anna,
Yes. This would be a good marketing strategy. But the only problem with this kind of silk is that it is not soft. Also, hand-weaven is not possible. Also, the Silk manufactures must allow this kind.

Afterall, we live in India... :-)

Siva said...

the name Ahimsa silk is good marketing and the product itself makes sense to lot of people. I have seen organic clothing for newborns (no fertilizers even in the cotton or chemical dyeing etc).

If it is at the same price (or even with a small premium) then there won't be any problems going for it.

BTW, some animals do kill for pleasure. I was going to quote matrix, saravana pandi beat me to it :-)