Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let us Protect Ourselves

Earth Quakes. Everyone has their own interpretations for them. A Poet would say “It is the anger of Mother Nature”. An Ascetic would say “It is the punishment of the Lord”. A Scientist would say “It is the action of pressure principles”. A Common man would say “It is Fate”. But what would a person who had lost his family say?


He could find no words. He has lost everything. He has lost his family for which he was working the entire life. He has lost his wife to whom he would share his deepest secrets. He has lost his child who would come & hug him every evening. He has lost his parents who would take care of him, though his age is 35+, like a child. Losing the loved ones is the cruelest punishment. Why is he punished? What is his Sin?


If you would say, it is Fate…. Even I would have told the same answer until I have read the following article.  The article states that the quakes occur due the excessive Oil digging and mining.


There are few points to note in this article:


  1. This article is written by a person Laxmanmurthy Ganesh. He is not academically qualified to give his comments on such earth quakes. Nor he is working for some organization doing similar research. He seems to be a Social activist.
  2. The article does not have any data for proving his findings.


Thinking logically his reasoning seems to be valid. But none will take up research. You need funding to do research. And Government/Private will not fund such research. It would not help them financially. The government of the countries, where the mining/digging happens, will not support this research. Because they would lose their economy. The developed countries also will not support this research. Because they would lose the oil, gold and diamonds. If individuals would raise these concerns, they will be ignored as proof less.


So, we are ready to kill thousands, sometimes ourselves for the luxury of Oil-Gold-Diamonds? Aren’t we? I am not suggesting anything like stop using oil.(Though my mind says that as a proper solution that is not feasible) That is certainly not possible in today’s World. But minimizing is possible. If everyone would use the Vehicles only at the time of utmost necessity there are chances of minimizing. The public transport could be a better alternative.


As far as Gold and Diamonds are concerned, let that coal stones be in their rightful places. As educated individuals, let us stop using the gold and diamonds. If anyone would say the World Economy would collapse, let that Economy go to Hell. We cannot risk the lives of millions for the comfort of economists and money-launderers.


Let us protect the earth & thus protect ourselves…..


Siva said...

Actually lot of govts will fund such projects and there are people who work on it. Check a sample from search for earthquake and mining and oil

about 5000 articles, just earthquake and oil exploration gives you around 783, earth quake and oil about 21000 articles.

Check this center at Columbia
and check the sponsors page

So people do work on it. Here is one guy

If anything I will doubt Laxman Ganesh. A search on him gives all sorts of things including a suggestion in rediff to make tendulkar captain :-) and a list of degrees BE, MA(Political Science)., PGDIT., MScIT., PGDCL(Cyber Laws) . You decide :-)

Seenivasan said...

oooh Siva...that's impressive research. No wonder you are doing PhD.

(I feel like I just watched a Vijayakanth's movie...motha articles 5000, adhula oil exploration 783...)

Great man.

Seenivasan said...

"As educated individuals, let us stop using the gold and diamonds."

Sarang, I am not worried about world economy at all. I am worried how would I say this to my wife. Do you think I will get my dinner? :(

You should be married to understand that. :)

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Athu ennavo vaasthavanthan.. But let me wait for some 7-8 years to understand....

Siva said...

making fun of vijayakanth movie ? He is the poor man's scientist :-) for eg, How can you replace bullet proof vest with a thambalam ?

Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Before Adam & Eve, what was causing Earthquake to happen ?

Diamond & Gold, is that the root cause for earth quakes ?

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Certain events tend to happen in nature's cycle. That could not be stopped. But when they occur more frequently, then it is not due to nature's cycle. It is due to some external influence.

Before Adam & Eve (I hope this means before the generation of life form, i.e when the Earth is in the form of Fire Ball) the pressure, temperature, atmosphere were all so different that might have resulted in Earth Quake. (Again, the concept of Fire Ball itself is not universlly accepted. The origin of Earth is still doubtful)

But If the frequency would be analyzed for a known past, we could spot the frequency has been increased in the machine age. Due to (Over)mining/drilling of Oil/Precious stones. So, it is not the Oil/Precious stones, but the over greediness (of mining more) of Human that is the root cause of this issue.