Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who Knows....

Yesterday, One of my project mates got married. Few of her close friends have attended the marriage. Today, they were speaking about the beauty of the bride. Suddenly, the conversation with my roommates, before a month, flashed across my mind. It was just the discussion about our expectations about the life partner.Each told their expectation. And now It is my turn. The description was like this:

Scene 1
Time: 6:00 AM
“….Kousalya Supraja Rama Poorva
Sandhya pravarthe de…..”
I will hear the sound and get up. The room will be full of the incense smoke. She would be showing it to all the photos of The God. Then after brushing (Is it necessary???) I am sitting in the Hall. She comes with Fresh Hot (‘Aavi Parakure’) Filter Coffee. (Ignore the fact that I do not like Coffee). Give it to me and sit near me….
Scene 2
Time: 6: 30 AM
I am going to take bath. (If I have planned to take bath on that day. ) Wonder…Everything is perfectly ready. Perfect Warm water. Dress. Towel. Etc. I am thinking grateful about her.
Scene 3
Time: 8:00 AM
She has prepared the breakfast. Manaaka Mannaka Idli… Puthina Chutney..Now I am telling her I will not take as it is already late to office. She forces me to take. A small fight starts. Ok. Finally we settle for a scheme like this. As I am getting ready She feeds me. I ask her whether she has taken the breakfast. She is telling that she will take it later. But now I am starting to feed her. (My Office??? Let it go to Hell) So, now both complete our breakfast.
Scene 4
Time: 8:30 AM
She,standing near the door, shows a bye to me.
Scene 5, 6, 7, 8:
Confirms whether I reached the Office safely. Then a few calls inbetween asking whatz going on in the office, what happened in te home, to tell me to go to lunch, to ask comments about the luch, to start early from office and reach home safely.
Scene 9
Time: 6:30 PM
I come back tired. Just as a good friend, she comes and sit near me. After relaxation and coffee we start talking. Everything that happened at the office and she is telling me everything happened in the home and some general issues and all other blah blahs.
Scene 10
Time: 8:00 PM
We prepare the dinner together and have it and go for a walk. End of Day.So, there comes a normal week day.

When my descrtiption was over, Can you guess what are the comments from my roommates?Ah.. Just same as the words you keep murmuring…..
Roommate 1: Might be possible if you were born about 100 years ago?
Roommate 2: Probability is very low.
Roommate 3: Peraasai.
Only the poet Bharathi came to my thought. He loved Kannamma. But finally he got only Chellamma. But still I told them,”Who knows? May be I can get a girl like that?” One of my roommates asked me “Can you?”
I told them, with a smile, “Who Knows?”


Ezhil said...

Why did you Censor the Scene 11, 12, 13... you could even have put that in the expectation of your bride.... :)

Anonymous said...

You are a s/w engineer...
You should not be thinking that way....

Think happily about a production support activity that ate 20 hours of your day ....

Sivaraj said...

when i compare your to be partner and the current sh....i i dont see any match.. who knows? she might change to your tastes.. :-) ama... bedroomla edhukuda saami photo vechuruka??

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Overa Pesura...
Blogla Un Maanam Poovenaamnu Paakuren...

But yes.. Bedroomla Saami Padam...
Oru Cinema Effectthan

Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Manaaka Mannaka Idli… Puthina Chutney....

Looks like you are watching more 80's and early 90's Tamil Movies. Wake up my boy, wake up. Ithu Fast Food ulagam kanna..

Nee eluthi irukiratha paartha unnaku kalyana vayasu vanda madhiri la pesura.....

All the Best for your wishes to come true :)-

Sarangan Rajamanickam said...


Nothing like Kalyana Vayasu Anna. Just a dream... In fact I have told only half of my expectations....

Athuke Ippidi oru response. If I mention the other expectations, I think I could never get a girl...

Let us see.. :-)

Sriram said...

now i see what you keep daydreaming about... ever wonder if you would fit the girls expectations.. muthalle atha gavaningada.. apparama kanavellam kaanalaam.

saravanan said...

u may get one with ur expectations..

Bt expectations leads to disappointments .. So my point is,
dont expect anything from anyone even than she is ur wife..

give her ur affection and love then u get good returns(without tax) from her.. then u ll realize all ur expectations fullfill .. this is my view..

Anonymous said...

Kousalya Supraja -hhmmmm..this is 'poosai' - when I say POOSAI..I mean it...;-))

Hear the sound and get up - might be the snores of her

Incense smoke - so do u opt for a gal who smokes? but Incense is ? mark

6:30 AM - she wud have gone to office by tht time too meet the important deliverables.

8:00 AM - Looking for kellog's desperately to fill the stomach...and here u go..
u r just reminded of ur wife's yell the last day to get milk from the stores nearby to which u dint respond (busy watching the one day match..)
now, u r trying hard to swallow the dry bread which is in the refrigerator for d past 1 week.U r a kind of gggggrrrr wid ur wife and calling her to shout..
tring...tring...hubby calling - in ur wife's mobile(Idiot - y d hell he is calling me -> she thinks in mind..cuts d call)
"We are sorry but the no. u r trying is busy...leave a voice message"...u call her again and again.." A SMALL FIGHT STARTS";-)

CALL WAITING - PM, u -> switching on to d other,what d hell r u doing at home still???

I have not received the presentation that I have to present today.U can't let ur hair down on the project activities...I need them immediately.....

u just hang on saying 'I will be right there..'

8:30 AM - You bang the door hard and rush to the office..

5,6,7,8 -
meetings&Updates - > Lunch in canteen;-)

6:30 - back home tired..waiting for her to rch home...

8:00 -
After a long wait - U PREPARE THE DINNER!!!

so,this makes ur normal week day!!!

Sivaraj Subramanian said...

I was reading this comment after a long time..

One doubt - Idly endha oorlada manakudhu?