Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spiritual Symbolics...

India is famous for her Spiritual Places. Among those places, the Shrines for the Shakti Sadhana are popular. One of such shrine is Chinnamasta. This shrine is in today's Bihar. This shrine is famous for the left-hand tantric practioners. The supreme deity of the Shrine is Chinnamasta, one of the forms of the Mother Divine. I had a chance of glimpsing over one of the pictures of Chinnamasta:
At first, when I saw the picture I was shocked. It was the picture of the Mother Divine who cuts her head herself and holding it in one hand and the sword at the other. The Blood gushes out of her neck and drunk by 2 goddess standing at the either side of the Mother Divine. It was like the photo of some demigods.
But later I came to know the real symbolical meaning of the Picture. When I came to know it, I wondered the way in which the Vedic tradition has guided the human souls to achieve success both in the Worldly Activities and the spiritual Path.The explanation goes this way:
"The Mother Divine stands on Lord Shiva, who is considered to be the Supreme Knowledge. i.e We have to have the firm ground of knowledge.
Then with that Knowledge as the tool, (axe in the hands) we have to curtail our Ego (head) and keep it below the faith in the Ultimate reality. (Mother Divine holds the head in the level below her heart)
If we would do that, then we would receive the Vitality and Wisdom (Blood gushing out), through which we can achieve success in both the Worldly desires and Spiritual Path (2 goddess drinking the blood on either side)"
In this way, the tatra yogic scriptures emphasize the fact that by losing the Ego and having faith over Mother Divine, We could achieve success in both the Worldly and Spiritual Life. Wonder, they have created such symbols to guide the human souls......

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