Friday, November 03, 2006

Spare the Rod...Child???

Recently, I saw a tamil film "Pudupettai", directed by Selvaraghavan and the hero had been Dhanush. In the film, The hero would drink, after his mother's death and tell about her to his friends. The dialogue goes this way

"...Whenever I play without going to School my Mom would come with a long Stick. She will come and beat me. I will start shouting. But then I will realize that not even a single blow has hit me. It will all fall in the ground near me. But, if accidentally the stick falls one me, then she will start shivering. She will be filled with tears. She will drop the stick and start telling "Dear boy!Lovalable Boy! You have to become a big IAS officer. So you have to go to school! Please! Go...."......
The dialogue goes this way. When I saw this a sudden flash of Words scrolled in my mind "Spare the Rod. Spoil the Child."I was absorbed in these lines for a few minutes. Then before a few days, I was reading "Chanakya Neeti (Arthasastra)". Chankaya was a renowned scholar and guide for the famous king, Chandragupta. Excerpts from his book are available in the curriculum of few business schools. He says "The indisciplined Child should be punished by the Parents and be corrected. The cane and the punishments would help in bring the discipline and progress in the children." Again the same words flashed in my memory. I just thought about my own life for a few minutes, the way I had grown.
My parents are not the users of Cane. (Atleast to me) But now If I observe myself, I find many problems which I am trying to correct it after Conscious and strenous efforts. For example, from my young age, Whenever I sit down I used to have a pillow at my back for comfort. As I am the last kid, my parents did not stop my habit. Now, at this age I find sitting like might cause troubles later. So, now when I tried to sit erect, it was very tough.Finally, when I got the skill of sitting erect continuously for 2 - 3 hours, It took me one full week of strenous effort. But now I can feel how energetic it is, when a person sits erect(without leaning over the wall). This is just one example. There are many things like this one.....
On the other hand, I compare myself with my brother. Though I had not seen, I heard that they used to beat him when he was young. But now he is more disciplined than me. He could adapt to any situtation. He could travel to anyplace alone. He stands as a guide to himself. Though, I also can do these things, the efforts will be conscious and strenous. It will not be a natural one.
Also, I have heard of no parents who would beat or punish the children cruelly or with the intention of hurting them.(Unless they are drunk or Psychos) They do this only to bring Self-Control and discipline in the Children. Nor will they be happy in giving these punishments. But it is the way life has to cross. Those are like the acts of the Sculptor over the stone. His hits will make the stone into GOD.
So, I think the usage of the rod is ALSO (not the only way,ofcourse) a proper way of growing a child without spoiling it.

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