Friday, November 03, 2006

Environment and Yajna

When I was so young, influenced by some films, I used to criticize badly about several rituals without any knowledge about their inner meanings. One among them is Yajna. The traditional chantings and sacrifices made to fire. The materials like fruits, milk, vergetables, food, wood, etc are usually sacrificed. Rarely, animal sacrifices to fire happen in some traditions. (Very rarely human sacrifices also occur. But those in a different post...)

I would think as these sacrifices as terrible waste. I was wondering how could the people throw away food into fire to become ashes in a country where poverty is still prevalent. It would be a bertrayal to our fellow beings even this could be explained by a thousand symbolic meanings.

But, now, when I can understand the chemistry involved, I could not think in that way. In fact, now I think Yajna is an act of humanity which tends to help the people by providing a flourishing environment with more harvest, appropriate rain, fertile soil, proper sun light and thus ensure the well-being of the human community. But how will the sacrifices made to fire will help us to achieve these goals?

For that we have to know one basic truth. The fire(or heat energy caused by fire :-) ) is the basic entity which converts one form of energy to the other form. This simple truth is accepted even scientifically. We all know the environment is badly affected due to several activities right from Soil erosion to Ozone depletion. Now to fix them, the governments have various rules. But who cares? People in one country will be under control. What if the people of other countries pollute? That will affect the entire world....

Here comes the Yajna...
The sacrifices made to the fire are converted into the subtle form of the energy. This energy along with the energy created by the recitation of the Chants combined with the good intention of the performers of the Yajna act as the fuel to balance the destructions of the environment and thus providing the above mentioned results.

But why do we do offer the items to fire. We all know that E=MC^2. The energy could neither be created nor be destroyed. So how will you compensate for the energy of the Ozone, etc. It is only through converting some other form of energy which will not cause any harm to the human community. So, these items of milk, etc are selected to offer in the Yajna. Also, the chants will create the vibrations in the air which will serve as the catalyst for the energy. This will help in creating the desired effects. Even the Yajna is done for any purpose, it would help the environment. Because the chants were designed in such a way that the first few verses said in any Yajna is dedicated to the welfare of Nature, environment and all form of lives.
It is just like eating tablets when we are ill. Say, we have the head ache. The tablets offered to the stomach are converted to the energy form, that can be accepted by the body environment, and cure the problem associated. As the tablets are to the body, so the Yajna to the environment.

The rules created by the government and the services done by the Green Peace, etc are certainly appreciable. At the same time, practices like the Yajna must also be understood and appreciated. It is not a waste, it is just helping the humanity in a bigger but hidden way. The pollution of the environment has already occurred. The way of Yajna is to bring it back to the proper state. While the methods of Government Organizations are like stopping further destruction. Both the ways have to be appreciated and followed. So that we would leave a better, if not the best, world to our future generations.

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satyam said...

I do have the same view. I think Yajnas were devised as man-made interference to the imbalances created by human and other activities. Recently, I saw big forest fires after a big drought. I think that was Yajnas performed by the Nature itself. However, since the forest fires are uncontrolled, they do not lead to enough rain. It is just like uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions produce atomic bombs and controlled chain reactions produce energy in nuclear reactors.