Monday, November 06, 2006

Dream Life or Dreaming about Life.....

One of the very few good habits in me, it is the reading of books.This one habit I keep with me from my Childhood days. It extends from Comics of Phantom to Science Fiction to Spiritual Books. Now If I sit calmly and rewind my life, then a lot of books would cross my mind. One among them is "When my father was a Child". A very impresive book for the kids. I remember almost all the stories in the book. But One story is in my heart, than the mind. The gyst of the story:
"The Hero(Kid) would see several works like Ice Cream seller, Railway Shunter, Police man,etc and each time he would say he wants to become a person of that profession, in the future. Everybody will laugh at his words. His desires would extend to say one day he would become a dog.Everybody will laugh again at his words. One day, A wise man will advise the Kid so he will feel guilty of his previous action. Next time, when he was asked "What he would become in future?", he told them "He want to become a good human being". This time none laughed at him"
This story still resides in my memory. Now, when I think what I would become, i.e How I would like to settle in my life? I had so many ideas from beginning. But this one is daunting me from my early days.
I wanted to have a piece of agricultural land, say 5 acres. Then a few animals like 2 Cows, 2 Ox, 2 Bufallos (just to have equality of all animals :-) ) Then a small house in one corner of that land, surrounded by trees. This should be on a riverside. Then a temple near the land. And... No Mosaic, Marble, Granite or tiles flooring. Only Cement flooring. Especially No Television and No Phone. And finally one Jeep. (???)
Whenever I think of this life, I would just a huge sigh for a few minutes. Then I would go back to Work. I do not know whether I can satisfy my desire. But I always would like to have such a calm and peaceful life. How about you?......


Anonymous said...

What u are having is not a dream or an ambition. It is a way to escape the mundane things in life that u have been doing and u have been doing those things for such a long time that u got sick of it. In hindi there is a saying... "Tie a buffalo to a post and let it be there in a hot sun for a while... lets say palani's hot sun. If u let it lose, it will run to the nearest pond or river or even "cheeru" and will jump in." This is exactly what u will do if u have a house in a village... u will come back to computers and stick with it even if it is the most boring thing that u have ever done. What u need is a vacation my friend. Take a break and chill out.

Ezhil said...

This is what you have been saying for quite sometime.. finally you have put it on your blog..
Whatever it is, i think its a just a temproary let off rather than what you will really end up doing.. wipe your face.. cheer up..and come to my desk... i think i have a good offer for you..!!!

Siva said...

>>Whenever I think of this life, I would just a huge sigh for a few minutes.

And we breath a sigh of relief that you don't do it actually :-)