Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Andam to Pindam

Yesterday, I came across these two photos:
The news is that Physicists disover that the structure of the Brain Cell and the Universe are same. More details could be obtained from the link:
What a great Discovery?
Are the Physicists to be appreciated? Certainly.
Are they the the first to discover this?

In South India, (Oh again and again India in my blog.) there is a saying "Andathil Irupathe Pindathilum Ullathu". This Quote is said to have originated from the group of Siddhas (Tantra Yogis of Tamilnadu) and found in sevaral Yogis's writings like the songs of Pattinathar(A Siddha).
The word "Andam" means "The Universe". The word "Pindam" means "Body". The saying means "What is there in the universe is the same as What is in the Body". Clearly, the same as the discovery of the Physicists. They have found this truth long before the time in which the so called science has not developed.
This is one among the few points that were verified SCIENTIFCALLY and accepted. Several jewels of truth amazing, astonishing scientific facts are hidden in the ancient writings....
(P.S: But the Physicists who found the same truth along with the proof of Pictures are to be appreciated. I am not degrading their effort. Through their work, they have also paved a way for all of us to verify the facts stated in our ancient scriptures.....)

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