Monday, October 16, 2006

The Himalayan Masters

"Living With the Himalayan Masters" & "Walking with a Himalayan Master" - These are the most recent books, I have read. Both these books speak about the life style and skills of the Himalayan Sages.

These books are about the Himalayan Sage - Swami Rama. The most admirable and the unique quality about this sage is that he had put himself under the Scientific Experiments of American Scientists and clearly proved that the control of the Body, Healing of the dreadful diseases are possible by means of Yoga sciences. (While the same is not possible through the normal medicines)

The problem we face today is that We never realise the hidden potential of Our ancient tradition. The Vedas, Mantras, Yoga are the jewels of the Eastern countries. The East is rich in sprituality but lack science and the west the vice versa. As the words of Swamiji, the West and East should be bridged. So, that a lot of Useful thing could be achieved for a prosperous future.


Anonymous said...

Sanyasi Sarangan comes alive!!

Sivaraj said...

The theme is ok..
but could have explained more about the ancient things…

Like things we learnt in school like mediation would have been enough..