Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disco or Bhakti........

I visited the ISKCON (International Sri Krishna Consciousness) temple before a few days. It was a Saturday morning - 7:00 AM. The weather was excellent. The Sun had started to spread his hands all over the places. It was the time for the Bhajan in the temple. People joined together and started singing the Songs in praise of the Lord Krishna. They started dancing happily. They were not trained. Nor it was a traditional dance. But who cared? It was the expression of the Joy and a way to forget their Worldly sorrows and get attached to the deep divinity lying inside them.
Now Let us think about the dance that is happening in the Disco Clubs of Chennai (and ofcourse all over the World). Even people in the clubs dance. They are also untrained. They also forget their worldly problems in the dance. So, what the difference? Could we call both the same? Could dancing in the clubs be the same as Dancing in the temple?
Actually, No. I have observed one (notable) differeces:
People in the clubs get tired after dancing, while the people in the temple do not. If the people want to relax themselves, then the relaxation process should make them energetic. Why does it make them tired? On the other hand, why do people dancing in the temple do not become tired but become more happy and energetic?
The process of singing and dancing play a major role in Bhakti Yoga, an ancient Indian Tradition. Our ancestors have clearly realized the fact that People will get tired and depressed due to the Worldly activities and problems in Life and Work. So, to solve it they have introduced the concept of Singing and dancing. But they have made that Singing and Dancing as a part of Spiritual activity. This makes the concentartion to flow towards the divinity that is filled in you. Moreover, man starts believing the singing and dancing is for the ultimate consciousness and not for himself. This makes him more happy and energetic when his energy, mind and concentartion flows towards a one-pointedness. (Also, there is no smoking and drinking at the time of dancing in the temples). Also, when all think aboutthe same thing, the energy created by them fills the entire space and enhances it.
Whereas, in disco halls, people smoke, dance in the halls, with various uncontrolled thoughts and consume alcohol, there is no way that energy flow towards the Ultimate reality and thus everyone become tired.
Our ancient culture has clearly thought about the problems of the human life and clearly provided the solutions. But we are not using them. We always use the ways that come with a western tag, eg: this disco clubs. Let us stop these acts of foolishness....
Let us think about our ancient tradition and follow them so that all our life is enhanced.


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Parvathi said...

Saranga, Baba dance sa pathuthana all these effects???

Siva said...

When was dance part of Bhakti movement ? If you are referring to Alwars and nayanmars then there were hymns in that period. Not lot of them were even Bhajans. I don't know any dance.

I guess, Bhajans came from the movement's spread in northern India much later. So even singing was limited to personal hymns. Are there any other singing and dancing you know of ? What is the tradition you are referring to ?

To my understanding, The popularity of the Bhakthi movements (which came in early ADs) were because of the removal caste based lines. Their 20th century offshoots are nowhere close to the original movements. If you are talking about Hindu traditions they are much older than Bhakthi movements themselves, leave alone the existing cults.

"But we are not using them. We always use the ways that come with a western tag" - and current day iskcon is as western as it can get.

And traditionally alcohol is not as bad as you project. Check Pranab Mukherjee's recent comments "Kaali Maa drinking wine" in the parliament. "Soma panam", I guess is referred in the vedas and can be offered to Gods (which means you can drink it after offering it, as I haven't seen any God drinking it). The vedas are much older than these movements. So alcohol is ok by tradition (may not be in its present form but still ok)

Meena said...

Surprised to see such an article from younster like you. Good one.